Have been busy lately, started from rara’s birthday…. Lots of things to do and fun projects were finally done…one by one…

One of these, various size of pouches! Loooooveee it!


Thanks to papaya for ordering *hugs*


Fab.Fabrics is on!

Dear my friends,


As I loooove buying cute printed fabrics (and most of the time just amazedly staring at them ;p),  I love to share the joy by selling it too. I still working on the website (fiuuuh…wanna make it perfect but..hmmm…we’ll see), so I’ve posted some patterns in FaceBook page : Fab.Fabrics. I’ll give you the link later. You can tweet me too : @fab_fabrics


Aaannnd, for cloth diaper making I have created FaceBook Fanpage : SuPerDiaper.Fabric :), twitter : @SuperDiaper_Fab


Please visit 🙂