Fitted Diaper

I already posted it on last 2012, but seemingly it wouldnt revealed clearly if embedded with gallery format. So I repost this, one by one ๐Ÿ™‚


This one I made fo Erlin in Surabaya. It took a lot longer time to finish it, because I made several mistakes. Sorry for that ya Erlin ๐Ÿ™‚

All of my efforts for your custom request, here it goes..

Fitted colorful snaps Fitted serged blue


Gift for Liran

this was a fast project,last night. found the invitation for liran’s bday in my girl’s bag on friday last week, and forgot to buy something yesterday on supermarket. hiks. so i made this one, a multifunction pouch, not to neat but happy for the result. hope you happy too Liran. stay healthy and pretty yaaa :*

Hello 2013!

Hi all!

Nice to see you again ๐Ÿ™‚ Standard greeting, I guess but sincerely from my heart *angelic face*

Want to post more and more…I have already written my resolution in my other blog :


Hope everything will be better and wonderful in 2013.


I have been in love with online shopping since Rara born on June 2009. How easy,timeless,and saving lotta energy. However, I never bring my courage to shop worldwide. I did the local buying, and mostly to my friends’shops.

I just find the courage to shop internationally few months ago. When there were a supplier of cloth diapering fabric ask me whether I will buy from her or not,via MilisPopokKain owners. She was very helpful, commited, and I feel comfortable to buy from her (she is in LA,USA).

And voilร ,i buy my cotton knit interlock from her :)). And very happy cuz i did my internationally shopping (via Paypal) for the first time.yay!!!

If there were the(sweet-experienced) first time, then it definetely will be another..heheh.and here it is… I bought those cute snaps from, the well-known snaps for cloth diaper maker ๐Ÿ˜‰

The service was awesome,too. My emails was fast-replied.And Judy (i have Judy the owner herself for being the contact person) were nice,and also remind me of some things related to my order, that I might forget or not aware.

I gladly recommend KAMsnaps as a trusted seller ๐Ÿ™‚

– sewing scrapbooking clothdiapering cooking – lover

Ultimate Destination : Alor, NTT



Actually, I will post this scrapbook in Avene contest in I was late, as usual. hohoho, because contest or quiz has brought a new challenge for me, and I will try to find way to be most creative..until the duedate has over. hihihi.


the pictures were taken from :

with scrapbook kit from : LDD So Charming andย RYoung SummerSlushee