I have been in love with online shopping since Rara born on June 2009. How easy,timeless,and saving lotta energy. However, I never bring my courage to shop worldwide. I did the local buying, and mostly to my friends’shops.

I just find the courage to shop internationally few months ago. When there were a supplier of cloth diapering fabric ask me whether I will buy from her or not,via MilisPopokKain owners. She was very helpful, commited, and I feel comfortable to buy from her (she is in LA,USA).

And voilà,i buy my cotton knit interlock from her :)). And very happy cuz i did my internationally shopping (via Paypal) for the first time.yay!!!

If there were the(sweet-experienced) first time, then it definetely will be another..heheh.and here it is… I bought those cute snaps from KAMsnaps.com, the well-known snaps for cloth diaper maker 😉

The service was awesome,too. My emails was fast-replied.And Judy (i have Judy the owner herself for being the contact person) were nice,and also remind me of some things related to my order, that I might forget or not aware.

I gladly recommend KAMsnaps as a trusted seller 🙂

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#MayGiveaway Myurbey & Fab Fabrics

Berikut adalah giveaway dari sistershopnya SuperDiaperFabric ;p

Silakan ikutan yaaah ! 🙂


Hello All!

Salam kenal yah semuanya 🙂 Fab Fabrics ini dimiliki oleh seorang mahmud (caelah…) beranak dua, yang gemar crafting (baru mulai juga sih), dan jatuh cinta pada kain. Yes, fallen with fabric!
Pertamanya, karena suka bikin diaper sendiri buat baby, dengan kain yang lucu2 (ada page FB khusus dantwitter nya). eeeeh begitu liat cotton yang lucu2 jadi makin rajin belanja kain. heheheh, hayoo siapa yang hobi shopping kain? 🙂

Nah, dari sinilah blognya berdiri, atas dasar ingin sharing the joy with you all, pecinta karya handmade, crafter, ataupun semua yang suka liat yang lucu2.

Sooo, jangan ketinggalan giveawaynya, sila klik #MayGiveawayMyurbey&FabFabrics
Semoga beruntung yaa!

Oiya untuk bulan Mei ini, yang ikut giveaway ada free ongkir Jabodetabek, kalau kota lain subsidi 5K.

Hayuuuk, silakan diborong yaaah 😉

Fab Fabrics

Sewing4Sale : Toddler Apron

Hi all!
This is for sale,you can request for your own preference fabric pattern.

It fits 2-4 yo toddler,if you want to buy for your baby,just request,I’ll make you #bapron,alias baby apron 😉

The price is 35K include shipping Jakarta 🙂

Email to : fab.fabrics@yahoo.co.I’d

Thank you! 🙂

apple #fabfruitiez

apple #fabfruitiez

– sewing scrapbooking clothdiapering cooking – lover

Fab.Fabrics is on!

Dear my friends,


As I loooove buying cute printed fabrics (and most of the time just amazedly staring at them ;p),  I love to share the joy by selling it too. I still working on the website (fiuuuh…wanna make it perfect but..hmmm…we’ll see), so I’ve posted some patterns in FaceBook page : Fab.Fabrics. I’ll give you the link later. You can tweet me too : @fab_fabrics


Aaannnd, for cloth diaper making I have created FaceBook Fanpage : SuPerDiaper.Fabric :), twitter : @SuperDiaper_Fab


Please visit 🙂