2014 : Crafty Year, yay or nay?

It’s been a long time since I wrote the last blogpost. Life’s been rough nowadays.

In early 2014, I’ve found out that my maid was a cheater and thief. I’ve lost many things at home, and , she’s suspected to be the one who took my macbook air and ipad awaay, back in July 2013 😦

This year, I also activate my Path account, and filled it up with many moments. One of them was my crafty creation. Its easier than posting it here, so..here we are. Nothing updated things here since Jan 2014.

I have to make commitment here, to reactivate this blog :D, since I really want to share more, to more people. I hope there’s still time in my daily life to make it happen :D.

God speed, and happy crafty year 2014!IMG_4193(this pic shows our departure to crafty year 2014 :D)