Sewing Project #006 : Simple PUL Diaper Cover

Akhirnya selesai juga nih.

This was my last year project (December 2011 was last year rite?:-)). I asked Meryl whether she had PUL fabric or not,and this ooga booga printed was the last. So I bought all of it cuz it was little more from a yard.

I really adore Best Bottom cover,it fits perfectly in Jojo. So I decided to make one like it. Since I was a beginner in sewing, I scared to use expensive fabric. Hehe..I have promised christa to make a wet bag from the ooga booga, when I cut the PUL fabric to make it, its scrap was pretty wide. Sooo..I made from it :D, and turned out more little than the original best bottom diaper cover.

I was using snaps from different brands. One was KAM snaps I bought from Sri Gandhi shop (based in Jogja I think),and the others from Mangga Dua (from multiply). I was a fool in using snap press,and making some errors there. It was far from perfect but I really love the result 🙂 (if you zoom it,you’ll find many errors in snaps and stitchs :p)

I want make others like that,with FOE lining (I heard from Djeng Eni that one of FB Shop sell FOE..: yippiee).

Wait for it 🙂

Ps : I really want to make tutorials of everything I’ve made, but still haven’t enough time,huhuhuw.

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