sewing project #004 : Wet Bag Ooga Booga

I have promised Christa to make her a wetbag,since she’s a swimmer.:) I will give it to her tomorrow..

The material I bought from Meryl, is the ooga booga PUL,it usually made into cloth diaper outer, blueberry is one of the brands which use it.

The zipper is orange-coloured,and its type is Japan zipper. Maksudnya risleting jepang getu,2rb rupiah saja utk ukuran 20cm.

The making was very easy,I didn’t need any pattern,just cut the PUL fabric into rectangle 22cm width,and sew the right side together (on the width length) with a zipper in between.

I only need an hour to make it,hihihi.super simple. However,I need more practice regarding to the straightness of the stitches.:D

Anyway, I’m proud still.

– sewing scrapbooking clothdiapering cooking – lover


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