Crafty #003 : Felt Christmas Tree

< Its begin to look a lot like christmas..everywhere we go..#sing

a year ago, I have no tree in my home at christmas. I didnt try to make one too. Now, our family will have christmas with a tree we bought at mall. However, I’d love to make one like elow tutorial.

I found this tutorial with big grin,so happy! Here’s the link :

this is my tutorial.

material needed:
1. cardboard/ thick paper, i used paper shopping bag.
2. glue (UHU was the one I have chosen)
3. felt, i used orange felt
4. ornaments, my theme for this tree was ribbon, so i decorate my tree with various ribbon.
5. scissor

first, you must make the figure of the tree. You should make a half circle then shape it into a cone, then you cut the bottom edge like the picture shown, so that you can glue the cone into the base. it made from circle shaped paper/cardboard.


then you should cut your felt into rectangle with quite length to encircle the tree figure. see the pics for better explanation :p



voila! its done, now you can decorate the tree with your own sytle. or you can even make a small games for kids, for example : christmas tree decoration competition.:D

Below is my first trial, wanna make more for my friends. 🙂 its simple and super easy,enjoooy!!

– sewing scrapbooking clothdiapering cooking – lover



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