all about material or fabric

And these were all fabrics I bought (on the bottom of this post :))..but not at all.:D
On the bottom is zorb,its usually made into insert for cloth diaper. Some said that the absorption power were great,more than microfiber. But I haven’t tried it yet..
Next is polar fleece, its kinda fleece,but usually made into outer,because of its repellent side (the right side).
On the polar fleece is minky,but its not the PUL minky a.k.a waterproofed,bought it from
Next,we have fleece, I think I will make it as first layer of my hemp fleece insert. I already tried to make snap trainer diaper, with fleece inner n coTton outer (made from old T-shirt) but failed 😦
On Top, l adore this ooga booga PUL fabric. Its so cute! I will make as outer and maybe wetbag for my friends..:)

– sewing scrapbooking clothdiapering cooking – lover


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