Crafty #002 : Hanging Diaper Sack for Baby Crib

Another crafty things on weekend!! Why?because I am back to be WM (after taking my maternity leave) weekend is the most approriate time to shine..hehehe

Seeing mess in my Jojo’s crib, I thought to make some space to put things in. It will be a help to my assistant,so she won’t spend time to get into my room (cuz Jojo n Rara’s cabinet is in my room). I did’nt have time to browse patterns or ideas, I just drawn onto the paper, bigger on belacu cloth (btw,what’s kain belacu in English,dunno :p). And..voilaaa,its done! Although still need much improvement, I really happy with this.

Materials :
Belacu Cloth
Thread with matching color
Cute ribbon
Some felt,or else to make decorations

I’m thinking make more with smaller size to put the toiletries..:)

– sewing scrapbooking clothdiapering cooking – lover


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