Jolie : My new favourite place @Jogja

Hi all!

I wanna share pictures I grab when I visited Jolie on my last on duty travel, on 15 Oct. It has two sides, first side selling all beadings, accessories, ribbons, fun stuff, and many other crafty tools. The second side selling all about sweing, knitting, and many materials sold here. 🙂

The place was crowded, but I heart it. Many accessories you’ll find, and many inspiration would come out your mind ;p

I bought tools for knitting/crochetting-sorry if i misdefine it-, and also some material to make tutu skirt for my beautiful rara. hehe..I forgot to buy laces, but its OK since I rethink that Rara is not so girlie. 🙂

Jolie is located on Jl. Diponegoro no.110 (perempatan Pingit), Jogjakarta

phone/fax : (0274) 547880


I dont really know about the war of price, hee..I bought cotton thread for 6500 rupiah each.

So here there are…


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