Scrapbook #003 : Aku Bisa Berjalan

Aku Bisa Berjalan

 Pictures taken when Rara was standing on the backyard (above) and running at the kitchen (lower).

Actually, when Rara’s had her very first steps, I was not one of the witnesses.  I was in the kitchen, while she was with her Daddy. She was not hesitate  to have step by step ahead. I’m proud if her being so brave!

Concept : I want to match the surrounding with the first picture, so I made it simple with natural environment, with thre trees, flowers, and animals.

So this page made by some really scrap material and some new.

Materials :

1. Brown and pink felt ( i took t from the rest of first cutting for my scrapbook I’ve made for the tree in previous pages)

2. Green dotted paper (scrap from previous pages, too)

3. Stickers from scrapbook kits and some I was bought @d’Kosmo Jogja.

4. Embelishment : butterfly


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