Scrapbook #001 : Keluargaku

First page

This picture taken when we’re on Jogja Vacation, last December 2009, @ Fresco Photo Studio. That was Rara’s First Family Session on Photo Studio ;p. Love the ambience..We’re worn stripes!

Concept :

We always have a great time as family. Stars which around us reveal nights when we’re spend together. Bird, cloud, and tree reveal the days when we share. It all means that we always try to be togheter, whenever..;)

(actually I have a lot of words to express, but I need time to find the appropriate one. so later I’ll fix it..)

Material :

  1. Page : template from Scrapbook Nestle Dancow Nutrigold& Mother&Baby Magz
  2. Felt : blue, purple, violet, green, brown (bought @Jolie, Yogyakarta)
  3. Gross grain bow : stars printed (bought @
  4. Stickers : from the scrapbook package
  5. Satin Tape :purple (i “robbed” it from my sista :D)
  6. Glitter Glue
  7. Photos of family



  1. Glue Gun (bought
  2. Scissor

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